About two years ago we set out to create a crowdfunding platform to promote and support people with great ideas. We believed crowdfunding could become a great tool to realize great services that involve people since the very beginning of the design process and eventually create a social change by implementing the crowdfunding system itself.

We'll soon be wrapping up operations at Fusedrops. For this, we’re deeply sorry and at the same time we are proud of the positive impact we created, of everything we learned and the extraordinary people we met.

We will no longer be accepting new user registrations or crowdfunding campaigns. However, as our mission since the very beginning was to spread the word about service design and promote projects that have a social impact, we will keep doing that on our Facebook page. For any question and always-appreciated feedbacks you can reach us there.

A big THANK YOU to all the people who supported and believed in this project.

Be the future service drop you want to see in the world!
Be the future service drop you want to see in the world!

All the best,
Marco, Angelica, Denis.